Our Company has been founded more than fifty years ago from a pioneering idea of three friends who decided to build a small mechanical laboratory conceived for the realization of molds for plastic materials, accepting the huge challenge derived from the multiple opportunities of the new rising plastic materials market..

In 1978 the first injection molding press was installed in the plant in Malnate, in the north of Italy, where the production unit is still based and it is currently operative. Until 1995, thanks to the improvements of Abaco technical team skills and competences, the main production was conceived by various and different plastic components addressed to a wide range of manufacturing industries.

Step by step, the Company has developed and gradually introduced a new line of own products mostly intended for the world of interior design, and in 2006 it has been launched the brand HiREK®, a completely innovative and unique technology based on an engineering polymer perfectly suitable with the requests of the design and furniture industry. At present, HiREK® is well recognized and it is adopted by famous architects and interior designers worldwide.

Since then, Abaco has recorded a significant growth and the chairs and the tables have been rewarded by the furniture and design market thanks to the unique and exceptional qualities offered by HiREK®.

By means of HiREK® Abaco realizes products of upper level mechanical and aesthetic characteristics, also developing the ideas and the projects of principal furniture companies.

The various products made by HiREK® are distributed and greatly appreciated in more than 60 countries all around the globe and have been chosen to furnish luxury hotels as well as renowned cruise ships and international airports and some of HiREK® items are even exhibited at MOMA in New York.

The philosophy and the insights of Abaco founders still represent the encouragement to constantly invest in research and development in the aim to increase the possible use of HiREK® technology in those manufacturing fields where innovation, top mechanical qualities, lightness and excellent beauty are the main requests.